Using an optimal combination of the latest and best technologies from all over the world, it is now possible to see a fuller and accurate picture of your health and health challenges. It is also now possible to stimulate your own self-regulating mechanisms specifically, enabling your body to solve most health challenges fast and effectively.


All-encompassing technology-based assessment is the core of the Health Optimizing concept: determine what is not functioning correctly and then find out why. Health problems are usually caused by a combination of factors that cannot be completely fixed unless all the primary and most of the secondary causative factors are uncovered and resolved. Health Optimizing clinics assess underlying causation factors that make it possible for a health problem to develop; trigger factors that initiate the development of the problem; and aggravating factors that make the problem worse.

Our basic assessment is a comprehensive analysis of the most important health factors. It combines enough parameters to map the homeostasis and is far more all-encompassing than what is provided at other clinics. The basic assessment is performed with 8 different technologies incorporated into 2 devices. In addition to the vast number of parameters directly measured, more factors are calculated from correlating the data between the different testing methodologies. The basic assessment in all Regional and Royal Retreat clinics is performed by trained Medical Doctors. The same basic assessment is also offered in all Local clinics, performed by a professional therapist or physician.

An important starting-point to solve health problems is to test how the foundational processes of the human organism are functioning. We can then proceed to find out what needs to be tested further using other methodologies that uncover causative relations. The sum of these tests provides the solution to which combination of treatments are needed to achieve better physiological balance and improve the functional self-regulating mechanisms. The assessments also give directives on which lifestyle changes are most necessary to prevent health-problems. Additionally, they provide an opportunity to track the effects of treatments and lifestyle changes through visual graphs. All our technologies for assessing the principal physiological functions are FDA 510K-registered medical devices and have equivalent medical registration in most countries.

As part of the basic assessment, many potential causative factors at a cellular level are tested using a unique state-of-the-art technology. Measurements are correlated with a database of hundreds of thousands of tissue-samples analyzed with molecular spectroscope. Regional and Royal retreat clinics have a minimum of 4 additional state-of-the-art assessment technologies which are used when indicated by our basic assessment, symptoms or other medical tests. The following list is a description of some of the main parameters included in the basic assessment.

  • EKG & HRV (Heart Rate Variability) for cardiac function
  • HRV for sympathetic of parasympathetic regulations
  • Pulse Wave Analysis for vascular functions
  • Oximeter test for SpO2, VO2, DO2
  • Bio-impedance for fat percentage and intra- and extra-cellular water
  • Phase Angle for cell-voltage, cell-permeability and cell-vitality
  • EIS for cell-activity, cell-metabolism and organ function
  • EIS (Electro Interstitial Scan) for tissue pH and interstitial factors
  • Spectroscope test of tissue strain and factors at a cellular level
  • Spectroscope test of microorganisms, mercury and more
  • EIS + Spectroscope test of local and systemic inflammation
  • Statistical risk evaluation of cardio vascular problems
  • Full evaluation of the autonomic nervous system
  • Evaluation of major factors regarding sugar metabolism
  • Statistical risk evaluation of several common health factors
  • Differentiation between causes and effects/compensations
  • Cross-method homeostasis evaluation for several body systems
  • Follow-up test with graphs indicating the development between tests

A unique Voice Analysis technology is used to test psychosomatic, psychological, emotional and personality problems. It measures all the known approaches to analyze aberrations of the voice, tone sequences, vibrations, harmonics, etc. The technology combines the measurements into results that are then compared to a huge pattern reference-database of specific factors. In most Regional and all Royal Retreat clinics this assessment is performed by licensed psychologists.

HD Medical Thermography is used to assess inflammation, for example under a tooth, in muscles and joints, etc. This non-invasive method is ideal for immediate assessment of numerous health challenges such as early screening of breast cancer. Health Optimizing uses the same High Definition Medical Thermography used in the best hospitals. Most clinics also have “organ overlay technology”, which allows for professional and visually-comprehensive reports.

Dynamic Thermography is used for further assessment of additional factors. By testing specific points before and after a temperature regulation, we provide an opportunity to find out why something is abnormal on the HD Medical Thermography. This technology is also a stand-alone-test to provide additional information on health problems by comparing specific measurement points to a reference database.

For assessment of the stomach functions, we use the gold standard: a digital pill is swallowed that continuously provides measurements in real-time via radio signals to a computerized system. It provides accurate readings of the pH, the amount of stomach acid (HCl), the production capacity of HCl, the timing of stomach emptying, the pyloric valve function, and more. This is an essential test for everyone who has gastric reflux or digestive problems.

When biochemical tests are indicated, we give advice to which tests would be most relevant. Additionally, we offer unique laboratory tests not available through conventional clinics, such as urine-peptide analysis, IgG and IgA food intolerance test, fatty acid profile, etc. However, a very small percentage of physiological functions can actually be assessed through blood tests and other biochemical tests.

Health Optimizing specializes in a full combination of hi-tech assessments to measure nearly 20 000 important parameters. Each measurement is a piece of an immense health-jigsaw puzzle, which we put together to get an overall picture of the health status. Only then can we make qualified decisions about which combination of treatments to recommend to solve the problem instead of being limited to symptom suppression.