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Experience the world frontiers in technology-based medicine.

About Us

Utilising a vast combination of high-tech methodologies, we aim to find and resolve health challenges from the roots by:

Health Optimizing London (Regional Clinic)

Identifying and addressing each causative factor with the ideal combination of technologies for each factor


Creating the capacity for self-healing through technology-based therapy and lifestyle advice specific to individual needs


Health Optimizing Bergen (Regional Clinic)

Health Optimizing Royal Retreat Clinic, Cape Town


Stimulating the body’s intrinsic self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms to restore homeostasis (balance in the body).

The Health
Optimizing Process


Our Unique Comprehensive Health Assessment

20 000 health parameters are mapped utilising our unique and comprehensive assessment process that is high-tech, holistic, and non- invasive (with the same level of accuracy as the 2-100 factors you can get assessed at conventional clinics).


Get To The Roots Of Your Health Challenges

Chronic health challenges cannot heal unless the primary underlying causations and trigger factors are located and resolved. Unlike conventional methods, which mainly assist with symptom management, we can get to the roots.


Receive Your Personalised Therapy Plan

Based on the assessments, we make a detailed therapy plan for addressing each causative factor, increasing the potential for healing, and stimulating the intrinsic self-healing & self-regulating mechanisms to resolve the health challenges.


Lifestyle Changes For Optimized Health

Based on the assessments, we advise on the lifestyle factors that will make the most profound impact. These maximise the capacity for healing during the treatment period but are also relevant for maintaining optimal health afterwards.

Our team

Get to know the people behind Health Optimizing who are actively building the future of health.


Thomas Aksnes is the Founder & Scientific Director of Health Optimizing. He is largely considered the world authority in high-tech medicine (seen as the future of medicine among many specialists) and has been a frontier in the development of this emerging field. Thomas has dedicated his life to redefining the medical paradigm. He is an idealist on a mission, and his main priority is creating global accessibility to leading-edge health solutions.

Meet the team

Agne Petrauskaite

Head of Franchising & Legal


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Why Health

Go to conventional
clinics for:

A 6-10 minute visit to a doctor assessing your health challenges based on your symptoms.

Simple blood tests to find a limited number of health indicators detectable in blood.

To get a name/label for your challenges, primarily based on your symptoms; a diagnosis.

Prescription drugs that can potentially improve a symptom (although creating other imbalances.)

Referrals for X-ray, MRI, CT-scan, PET-scan, surgery, and other things that may be needed.

Trauma medicine. If you have an accident, make sure you go to the emergency room first!

Go to Health Optimizing
clinics for:

A most comprehensive medical assessment to reveal potential dysfunctions in the body.

Further assessment to map underlying causations, trigger factors, and other root causes.

Therapy with the ideal combination of high-tech methodologies to resolve the roots of the issues.

Therapy with the ideal combination of high-tech methodologies to create capacity for healing.

Stimulating your self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms specifically to resolve challenges.

Lifestyle advice specific to the assessment, to make the changes that create the most impact!

Go to alternative
clinics for:

Assessments of energy systems, meridians, symptoms and/or other traditional methods.

Manual assessment and therapy of misalignments, muscle tensions, etc.

Nutritional supplements and natural remedies, such as herbs, homeopathic remedies, etc.

A series of sessions with various traditional methodologies to support capacity for healing.

Holistic therapy supporting your self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms non-specifically.

General lifestyle coaching to make positive changes that may or may not create much impact.