Using an optimal combination of the latest and best technologies from all over the world, it is now possible to see a fuller and accurate picture of your health and health challenges. It is also now possible to stimulate your own self-regulating mechanisms specifically, enabling your body to solve most health challenges fast and effectively.


Go to a conventional medical doctor for:

...6-20 minute visits to assess your health challenges based on your symptoms.

...simple blood tests to find a limited number of health indicators detectable in blood.

...prescriptions for drugs that potentially improve a symptom, though also creating other imbalances.

...referrals to medical visualizing assessments, such as X-ray, MRI, CT-scan, PET-scan, etc.

...referrals to medical specialists to get a name for your symptomatic condition; a diagnosis.

...referrals to hospitals/specialists for surgery, chemo, radiation and other invasive treatments.

...trauma medicine. If you have an accident, make sure you go to the Emergency Room!


Go to your local Health Optimizing clinic for:

...a comprehensive medical assessment of how the important processes in your body are functioning.

...further assessment to map the underlying causative factors and trigger factors for a detected dysfunction.

...stimulating your self-regulating mechanisms specifically, to help your body solve the problems. coaching specific to the assessment, to help you make the changes that make the most impact.

...referrals to a Regional Health Optimizing clinic for access to additionally-trained MDs and therapists and more than 20 state-of-the-art technologies for assessment and treatments of specific factors.

You can also book directly with a Regional Health Optimizing Clinic or a Health Optimizing Royal Retreat clinic if you feel any of those suits your needs better.


Go to an alternative therapist for:

...assessment of energy-systems, meridians, symptoms and/or other tradition-based methods.

...manual therapy by a specialist, when there is a need to correct misalignments.

...holistic therapy focusing on stimulating your self- regulating mechanisms, although not specifically.

...general lifestyle coaching to give your self- regulating mechanisms better capacity.

...advice on nutritional supplements, and natural remedies (herbs, homeopathic remedies, etc.).

...a series of sessions with someone who genuinely cares and has time for you.

Most Health Optimizing clinics have one or more staff-members with alternative medicine training