What is the process of becoming a Health Optimizing franchisee?

Health Optimizing strives to ensure that every new franchisee is a great fit for the brand and vice versa. Our goal is to ensure that each clinic owner enjoys what they do on a day-to-day basis with the strongest chance possible to be a success. That is why we follow a process that not only helps you learn about us, but helps us to learn about you as well. This is a very important step before awarding a franchise. Read on to learn how to start a Health Optimizing franchise.

Step 1: Explore the Opportunity

  • Once we receive your inquiry, within 2-3 business days, we will reach out to set up a convenient time for an initial phone conversation.
  • Further, you will receive an email from us with our Business Opportunities brochure. This document explains our business model and opportunities in more detail.

Step 2: Get to Know Each Other

  • Once you review our business information provided, you will receive an NDA and once signed, we will arrange a second call (preliminary, 30 min) with our CEO, Roger Hovland, to get to know each other better, and understand your interest, discuss the opportunities that might be available, and answer your questions.
  • If we find you to be the right fit for us, and you find us to be the right fit for you, we will invite you to meet our Head of Business Support & Legal, Agne Petrauskaite, who will present how the franchise works, what we expect from our franchisees, more about the income streams and the next steps involved.

Step 3: Explore the Financials

  • After the initial conversation, we will share a financial planning model so that you can “play” with the numbers and see, feel and understand the earning potential in your country of interest.
  • We will also arrange a call, as needed, to answer questions you may have about the business and franchise opportunity.
  • Our goal is not only to ensure that you are interested and able to start a Health Optimizing clinic, but also that we are right for you as well. Initial meetings offer a great chance for you to get a feel for whether or not this is a business in which you would thrive.

Step 4: Discovery Day

  • After exploring financials, you will be invited to one of our clinics for a discovery day (to Norway or Sweden). During the Discovery Day, you will meet some of our management team in person, see how the clinic looks and how it is operating on a daily basis. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to experience your personal health assessment (including report/treatment plan), as well as some treatments to gain a deeper understanding of the Health Optimizing concept.

Step 5: Franchise Agreement

  • After the Discovery Day, we will enter an agreement signing phase.
  • We offer 2 options: a) if a prospect has sufficient funds, we arrange the signing of a Franchise Agreement (FA) and the prospect will be given 6 months to open a clinic in his/her territory (with our step-by-step guidance), or b) if a prospect doesn’t have sufficient funds and wishes to secure the target territory, and requests our assistance with investor recruitment, we will sign a Letter of Intent (LOI). The prospect will pay 20% of the franchise fee to secure the location for 6 months while finding an investor/funding before signing the FA.

Step 6: Get Ready to Open

  • Once your FA is signed, the real work begins.
  • After signing FA, you will get our guidance on adapting the concept to local needs/requirements. We will provide a Countdown-to-Opening schedule guide: a 6-months to do list providing action steps to be taken in the run up to the opening. This document is shared with the prospects who have already signed the FA.
  • Our Health Optimizing training and support team will begin working with you and your staff to educate you on the skills necessary for a strong start.

Health Optimizing Territory Partners

Health Optimizing has an ambitious growth plan in place to increase the number of clinics worldwide. To ensure the fastest growth possible, we are primarily looking for the best Territory Partners in each country, to take a leading role in developing the territory by establishing a joint venture territory company with us. The territory shall be a country or a part of a larger country.

Health Optimizing is the business where you have to be able to go the extra mile to master the state-of-the-art technologies, methodologies, and unique processes and protocols that we use. Therefore, to qualify as a business partner, you must share the mission and have a passion for what Health Optimizing does.

We are looking for driven business people, teams or companies with experience in managing big businesses, willing to become Health Optimizing Territory Partners in designated territories. Successful applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • Have the drive to develop the territory with a sustainable number of clinics by organizing brand awareness within the territory and market saturation;
  • Have a “big business” mindset;
  • Commit to financing and establishing the first flagship clinic;
  • Be financially strong enough to sustain minimum required investments;
  • Willing to continuously learn and improve;
  • Have good networking and marketing skills, and be well-connected;
  • Have a proactive approach to market and technological changes;
  • An individual, team (consortium) or a company with a track record in developing at least one profitable business in that territory;
  • Committed to promoting a holistic health model and enthusiastic about the HOL mission;
  • Understands the potential of Health Optimizing and the opportunities it offers from a humanity and business perspective;
  • Understands the opportunities of the ‘businesses within the business’: supplements, functional foods, technologies for home use, and the in-clinic experiences that generate more sales, etc;
  • Wants to be actively involved (in the Board and/or CEO) for the Territory company during the initial period;
  • Well-funded and well-connected in the ‘high-end environment’.

Open the first flagship clinic in the territory

The Territory Partner will be required to open the first flagship Regional Clinic in the size of 300-400 sqm. at an attractive high-end location in the territory. This will be the territory’s master clinic and act as the ‘showcase’ clinic to initiate more Health Optimizing clinics within the territory. Moreover, they will have the right to finance and open as many new clinics as they find suitable and/or recruit franchisees.

Earn from product import and distribution

The selected Territory Partners will also be offered the Import and Distribution agreement for the territory for all products sold to clients for home use. The importer will have the right to distribute to any distributor at wholesale prices, whether it is another Health Optimizing clinic or any other sales channel within the territory.

Join us as our Territory Partner!

If you believe you have the necessary skills and desire to become a Health Optimizing Territory Partner, our Management team will be delighted to meet you to discuss the opportunity and your suitability as our partner in more detail.

Become part of the most exciting health business in the world.

If you are looking to invest in a business that has remarkable growth potential in a recession-resistant industry, Health Optimizing may be the ideal fit for you. With our proprietary and revolutionary methodologies, resources, business model, fast-growing brand awareness, and passion for making a positive impact on the world, this is an opportunity to build a sustainable business that can become your legacy.

Health Optimizing offers a unique merger between idealism and business. The desire to help people, create a better world, and leave a legacy is realised with unimaginable potential. At the same time, the need for making a living is accounted for and there is potential for great profitability. After extensive market analysis, we can safely say that there is nothing else like our all-encompassing high-tech clinic concept available in the world.

Why partner with Health Optimizing?


About Health Optimizing

At Health Optimizing, we specialise in understanding the bigger picture so that we can work effectively in identifying and solving health challenges from the roots. Getting enough pieces of the jigsaw is essential to see the fuller picture when you don’t already have a picture to reference. The human organism is the biggest jigsaw puzzle of them all, yet conventional clinics make conclusions and prescribe treatments based on just a handful of pieces. Our expertise lies not only in finding enough jigsaw pieces but in putting the full puzzle together.

For the past two decades, we have been building the future of health; developing our technologies and methodologies while providing real solutions to clients across 5 continents. Health Optimizing has helped hundreds of thousands of clients so far, ranging from those facing serious illnesses with no other options to those already in great health, seeking peak performance and their optimal state. We are committed to continuously evolving the Health Optimizing concept to ensure that we remain at the forefront of technological advancements.

In the Western world, there is an average lag of 18-25 years from when a new technology is medically approved, to when it is implemented in conventional clinics. Our scientific team are often part of the development and prototype testing, and our clinics implement the best technologies immediately after the final approvals are in place. However, the most innovative aspect of what we do is the way in which we combine technologies. Some of our technologies are used in other settings, but without our proprietary methodologies, they have very limited benefits. We have developed a concept that can help most people achieve optimal health, in a way that cannot be achieved by utilising individual technologies or other types of treatments.

Quote from a franchisee

“Health Optimizing’s holistic and non-invasive approach has changed my perception of medicine. I have been inspired by the results these clinics achieve in helping people with their health challenges. Moreover, many Lithuanian people started visiting Health Optimizing Bergen after Thomas Aksnes’s speeches in my country, returning with their health transformed. I wanted to be a part of the mission, which is why we opened the Health Optimizing Regional Clinic in Vilnius.”

Kristina Plisiene
Partner & CEO at Health Optimizing Regional Clinic Vilnius

Discover the benefits of becoming a Health Optimizing partner

Advanced Science & Technology

Our proprietary high-tech methodologies enable us to offer an unmatched service through our clinics. The Health Optimizing concept features the latest and most advanced technologies from all over the world, many of which have been developed in collaboration with our Founder & Chairman of the Board, Thomas Aksnes. Our most important technologies are proprietary to Health Optimizing and cannot be found in other clinics. Some of our other technologies are individually utilised in other clinics, but the real power lies in the combination of technologies and our unique methodologies. For non-proprietary technologies, Health Optimizing is independent of equipment manufacturers to ensure that our clinics always have access to what is state-of-the-art at any time. For our proprietary technologies, we have entered into strategic partnerships with the best equipment manufacturers that dominate their segment, and together we have developed the leading-edge technologies that enable Health Optimizing clinics to redefine the medical paradigm.

World-Class Support & Training

The Health Optimizing team comprises leading executives, medical experts, health specialists, and other specialists, committed to the success of our business partners. Each clinic owner and their staff undergo extensive training and have ongoing access to the Health Optimizing Online Academy to continuously improve in every aspect. Clinic owners and their staff also receive support on all technologies, methodologies, and individual client cases through a variety of tools, including weekly workshops, business optimizing meetings, and full access to the Global Support Team. 

Committed to Excellence

We are continuously improving our concept and protocols, through coordinated internal R&D projects, aggregation of results between Health Optimizing clinics, and partnerships with leading international R&D centres and manufacturers. With clinics serving clients across 5 continents, the unique Health Optimizing methodologies have already helped hundreds of thousands of people in resolving their health challenges.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Our business model offers several earning opportunities. In addition to our in-clinic assessment and therapeutic services, clinic owners also have the opportunity to earn from additional revenue streams such as the Health Optimizing product range. Our two decades of research and experience assessing people's health inspired us to launch Health Optimizing’s product range to deliver effective solutions for maintaining health at home. This includes health technologies for home use (sales & rental) and a portfolio of proprietary supplements proven to outperform anything else on the market. For those interested in our groundbreaking products, we offer opportunities to become a Health Optimizing distributor or referral partner.  

Collective Mission & Passion

Our culture stems from our love and dedication to what we do, as well as a sense of obligation to make our solutions available to everyone who desperately needs them. Every member of the Health Optimizing team and business is committed to our collective mission of redefining the medical paradigm. Maintaining and nurturing this culture is very important to us, which is why we are seeking partners who share our desire to create a better world through our impact-oriented venture, while simultaneously growing a thriving business. 

Join the Health Optimizing Family

Let’s build the future of health, together.

By partnering with Health Optimizing, you will be among the world leaders in the emerging field of technology-based medicine and play a vital role in building the future of health. There are powerful and unique opportunities for:

Investors who are interested in taking a leading role in developing a country as a Territory Partner, starting with the opening of a flagship clinic.
Practitioners who would like to open a Health Optimizing franchise clinic, convert their existing clinic or add our offering to their existing offering.
Distributors who are interested in our groundbreaking health product distribution.
Philanthropists who are willing to contribute to the global mission of redefining the medical paradigm, bringing wellness and happiness to as many people as possible.
Others with a desire to become part of the mission.

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