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At Health Optimizing, we specialise in understanding the bigger picture so that we can work effectively in identifying and solving health challenges from the roots. Getting enough pieces of the jigsaw is essential to see the fuller picture when you don’t already have a picture to reference. The human organism is the biggest jigsaw puzzle of them all, yet conventional clinics make conclusions and prescribe treatments based on just a handful of pieces. Our expertise lies not only in finding enough jigsaw pieces but in putting the puzzle together.

For the past two decades, we have been building the future of health; developing our technologies and methodologies while providing real solutions to clients across 5 continents. Health Optimizing has helped hundreds of thousands of clients so far, ranging from those facing serious illnesses with no other options to those already in great health, seeking peak performance and their optimal state. We are committed to continuously evolving the Health Optimizing concept to ensure that we remain at the forefront of technological advancements.

In the western world, there is an average lag of 18-25 years from when a new technology is medically approved, to when it is implemented in conventional clinics. Our scientific team are often part of the development and prototype testing, and our clinics implement the best technologies immediately after the final approvals are in place. However, the most innovative aspect of what we do is the way in which we combine technologies. Some of our technologies are used in other settings, but without our proprietary methodologies, they have very limited benefits. We have developed a concept that can help most people achieve optimal health, in a way that cannot be achieved by utilising individual technologies or other types of treatments.

In 2023, Health Optimizing was the recipient of the Global Innovation & Excellence Award from The Global Chamber, in recognition of our contribution to our industry as pioneers in technology-based medicine.


A cornerstone of life

The basis of wellbeing


Making the best of…

Aiding a natural system to function as intended

Health Optimizing

The leading high-tech health concept that assesses and addresses health challenges at the roots!

Our Ethos


We utilise a combination of 33 state-of-the-art technologies from all over the world, many of which have been developed in collaboration with our founder, Thomas Aksnes, and are unique to Health Optimizing.



The Health Optimizing clinic concept is built upon the unique, proprietary, and well-tested Aksnes’ H.E.A.L.T.H. methodology and philosophy.


Hippocrates’ health philosophy of identifying what’s overloading the self-regulating mechanisms. Hippocrates’ teaching: “Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illness will suddenly appear.”



Educating the client on how to create the capacity for auto-regulation through specific lifestyle changes. Focusing on the factors that will make the most difference, according to comprehensive assessments.



Assessment of what is not functioning right. All-encompassing assessment of cellular function, organs and regulation systems, using a combination of state-of-the-art medical assessment technologies.



Locating the roots of the health challenges. Locating all primary underlying and trigger causations with a combination of high-tech devices and occasional biochemical tests.



Targeting and solving the causative factors and specific challenges. Always using the most effective combination of treatments, most of which are proprietary high-tech methodologies.



Homeostasis through stimulating the body’s own self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms. Overcoming the adaptation that makes the body ignore problems by perceiving them as the norm. When everything in the body is functioning in perfect balance, homeostasis is achieved.


Meet The Team
Behind The Mission


Thomas Aksnes

Thomas Aksnes is the Chairman of Health Optimizing Ltd. As Founder & Scientific Director, he leads our amazing team of scientists and medical specialists with a commitment to continuously evolving the Health Optimizing concept.

His fascination with the body’s intrinsic regulations and ability to self-heal came as a result of childhood illnesses. As a consequence of poor advice from the healthcare system at the time, three of the most important systems in his body turned dysfunctional. From the age of 10, his respiratory functions developed to the level of a heavy smoker with lung cancer, and he soon became totally dependent on pharmaceuticals, which actually played a significant role in the development of the challenges in the first place. His digestive system became completely dysfunctional, due to excessive antibiotics wiping out the bowel flora, and he was not even able to gain normal weight. Eventually, his immune system became overwhelmed to the point that his body was unable to deal with any of the pathogens that he was exposed to, and instead, reacted in extreme ways to allergens.

Coming from a family of top renowned scientists, he grew up believing that the thousands of brilliant medical researchers around the world would find solutions for him. However, at 19 years old, he was told by his doctor (who was the leading medical professor specialised in this category of illnesses at the time) that he was beyond help and could never expect to live a normal life.  Hearing that was, surprisingly, the most empowering moment in Thomas’ life. It became the motivation behind his mission to redefine the medical paradigm, with the resolution of his own issues being the initial proof of concept. What brings him the most joy is seeing Health Optimizing clinics worldwide making a real difference through his concept, building a legacy that will have an important impact on future generations.


Roger Hovland

Roger Hovland sits at the helm of Health Optimizing as Chief Executive Officer. Roger is a highly experienced chairman and top executive with a proven track record across industries and multinational corporations. He has broad experience across all parts of the value chain of business, line, and P&L responsibility (160 reports, revenue 450M USD) and has conducted business in more than 40 countries around the world.

Through his extensive experience, he has developed an invaluable strategic, analytical, and commercial mindset, as well as an inclusive, results-driven, coaching-oriented leadership style. Roger holds master’s degrees in Business Administration and International Business and has completed the International Executive Program at INSEAD, France.

He has also studied Law & Psychology and is a Certified Professional Coach. Ever since representing Norway on the national team in Track and Field when he was young, he has been searching for ways to optimize his health and discovered the best methodologies lie within the Health Optimizing concept. He has since dedicated his life to redefining the medical paradigm and realising our mission of making Health Optimizing clinics accessible to the entire population.


Dr. Helen Muir

Dr. Helen Muir (MBChB) is the Global Medical Director at Health Optimizing, and leading authority when it comes to health and wellbeing. As a recognised speaker and co-author of multiple published scientific papers, her expertise is frequently sought out at wellness and medical events.

Hailing from South Africa, her impressive career began with Scientific Research at her University Teaching Hospital, Tygerberg Hospital, in Cape Town. Upon exiting academic medicine, she established a General Practice but soon found herself disillusioned with what she could offer her patients that would actually make a real impact in dealing with their health challenges. Seeking additional solutions, she studied integrative and functional medicine, as well as the genetics of wellness in order to meet her patients’ requests for safer, non-invasive forms of healing. Around the same time, she became involved in helping cancer patients with integrative protocols to help them through their recovery to wellness.

She was later headhunted for a post at the Health Optimizing Royal Retreat Clinic in Paarl, just outside Cape Town, where she experienced the Health Optimizing concept for the first time. Her skillset was recognised by the European HQ which led to her appointment as Global Medical Director of Health Optimizing. Today, she oversees all training and team development for franchise clinics, supporting the people in our fast-paced culture to deliver Health Optimizing's high-tech methodologies across 5 continents.

Agne Petrauskaite

Head of Franchising & Legal

Hannah Kathleen

Head of Brand & Communications

Jan Grobler

Chief Operating Officer

Ferdinando Pisani

Head of Clinical Trials & Non-Profit

Skaistė Matonytė

Supply Chain Manager

Austėja Strončikaitė

Training & Communications Manager

Bruce de Jongh

Technology Development Manager

Sharon Hawkshaw

Finance & Administration Manager

Henning Swiboda

IT Manager

Sara Hellali

Academy Manager

How Health Optimizing Came To Be


First proof of concept for the philosophy Health Optimizing is built upon (when our founder resolved his complex and debilitating health challenges).

First clinic opened in Bergen, Norway, after years of intense studies and R&D collaboration with scientists around the world.



Several clinics in Norway began training with our founder and started implementing our early methodologies.

A vast number of clinics, now also outside of Norway, started the same process.



By now, 143 practices (mostly in Norway) were utilising our early methodologies, after extensive training given by our founder.

The concept was growing faster than the organisation was developed for, which influenced a massive restructuring process, resulting in less focus on public presence and building up clinics, and more on R&D.



Our main R&D company rebranded to HealthTech Sciences AS, and moved into the prominent high-technology centre (research park) in Bergen.

Opened the first Regional clinic (in Bergen) utilising many more technologies than the previous clinics. This was the first clinic with the Health Optimizing name.



Our CEO, Roger Hovland, joined the mission, bringing his invaluable expertise with him to better structure for high-level international expansion.

Established Health Optimizing Ltd. in Ireland to develop our global franchise with hired expertise from Francorp (the world’s leading franchise consulting firm).



The Francorp team that helped us develop the franchise converted to become our in-house Franchise Department, and the Health Optimizing franchise launched.

7 Regional Health Optimizing clinics (featuring all technologies) were operational internationally, and including Local clinics, our presence was officially established on 5 continents.



COVID has brought health to everyone’s awareness, and most people now understand that they can be at risk if they have chronic ailments. The need for Health Optimizing has become more apparent than ever, and we will now start promoting our franchise opportunity to meet the global demand for access to better health solutions.