Health Optimizing

Health Optimizing’s proprietary high-tech health assessment is the most in-depth in the world.

Through a combination of multiple state-of-the-art and non-invasive technologies, our assessment practitioners are able to see a fuller and more accurate picture of your health. We can determine what is not functioning as it should in your body and why, which is essential to be able to resolve challenges at the roots. Additionally, we can assess where there is potential for further optimization to tap into your capacity to thrive!

Why Our Assessments?

A rule with very few exceptions is that every health challenge is multi-factorial. There is always a combination of causative factors, with some being so primary that the challenge cannot be resolved without addressing those factors. That is why our health assessment is such a quantum leap from the conventional method of prescribing treatments based on symptoms and a few measured factors. Health Optimizing clinics seek to assess all primary and secondary causative factors in the following categories:

Underlying causations that make it possible for a health challenge to develop

Trigger factors that initiate and may continue to fuel the development of the challenge

Aggravating factors that compromise the body’s ability to deal with challenges

All Health Optimizing clinics, regardless of location and clinic type, offer what we refer to as our Main Assessment. This features 8 breakthrough technologies from around the world, several of which have been developed in collaboration with our Founder & Scientific Director, Thomas Aksnes. Each technology provides a lot of important pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, and with 20 000 factors assessed in our Main Assessment, we usually have enough jigsaw pieces to see what the picture is.

The complexity of the human organism far exceeds a 20 000 piece jigsaw puzzle, but once we see what the picture is, we even understand what the missing pieces should look like. Therefore, we can assign additional assessments to fill in the gaps in a highly targeted manner. There are many accurate conventional tests that have far better value once we know what picture these jigsaw pieces are a part of, and we can guide you to the tests most relevant to you. Sometimes there are important gaps that cannot be filled by conventional tests, and Regional Health Optimizing clinics have additional technologies for specialist assessments that can provide the missing information.

An essential starting point to resolve health challenges is to test how the foundational processes of the human organism are functioning. There are a lot of good therapies out there, but addressing factors that are already functioning well in the body offers far less potential than addressing what is really needed to solve the challenges. Once we know what dysfunctions need to be addressed, we proceed to map out the primary and secondary causative factors. Although some require additional tests, most causative factors are assessed as part of the Health Optimizing Main Assessment.

Furthermore, our Main Assessment is a fundamental prevention and optimization tool. It allows us to identify exactly what is going on in real-time within the body and to track the effects of therapies and lifestyle changes through visual graphs. This offers invaluable directives on which lifestyle changes and therapies will have the biggest influence in preventing health challenges and creating the capacity for you to thrive!

Below is an overview of the measurement methodologies featured in our Health Optimizing Main Assessment. They are integrated into 3 proprietary softwares that enable us to calculate additional factors and trends through the correlation of data between the different testing methodologies.