Find Out What Clients Say About Health Optimizing

We would have loved to share our many success stories with you, but unfortunately, due to legislation in some of the countries we are represented in, we cannot feature testimonials related to curing diseases. Below, some of our clients have shared their Health Optimizing experiences that are not disease-related. These offer a look into how transformational our concept can be, beyond resolving health challenges.

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Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå

Known as the “Iron Woman” and “Mountain-Bike Queen”, Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå is an Olympic Champion and 10 time World Champion. She has won 20 gold medals in international championships, with the last one at the age of 45. In addition, she won the World cup 30 times, which is an “unbeatable” world record. She has also been awarded several honorary prizes.

“One of my most important partners over many years is Health Optimizing. At the Health Optimizing clinics, they have world-leading technologies for comprehensive health assessments and treatments that can optimize your health and performance. By doing regular health assessments at the Health Optimizing clinic, I know at any time what to work with to optimize my health so that I can realize my full potential within mountain biking. Health Optimizing has given me access to the technologies, products, and coaching on nutrition and other lifestyle aspects that I needed to become the best within my sport. When I have had an accident on my bike or injured myself in any other way, Health Optimizing has managed to get me back on my bike quickly! I recommend everybody visits a Health Optimizing clinic for a health assessment at least once a year. I am a very happy user of the whole Sports Optimizing package of the Health Optimizing group. The Sports Optimizing kit has been, and still is, an important part of my everyday preparations hunting for new championship medals. The combination of the products in the Sports Optimizing kit gives synergy effects which in total optimizes my performance and makes me realise my full potential. I highly recommend the Sports Optimizing kit to all athletes with ambitions.”

Erlend Bolstad-Raa

Norwegian High Jump & Triple Jump Champion

“I had an injury on my jumping foot that was kind of serious, so if I didn’t fix it, I would never be able to jump again. It lasted for 6 months and I couldn’t figure out what to do with it, so I had surgery. It went well but after surgery, it didn’t really get back together. That was when I was introduced to Health Optimizing. They recommended multiple treatments that I haven’t been introduced to before. One of them in particular, Health Optimizing Cell Regulation, was very interesting because it helped me sleep better which was good for recovery and it really helped me optimize performance so I was at my peak level at practice. I’m so grateful to the Health Optimizing team!”