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Our Philosophy

The human organism is the most complex wonder of the world. Millions of intrinsic processes are functioning together in a balance referred to as homeostasis. The body’s self-regulating mechanisms enable these millions of processes to be perfectly regulated every second throughout life, and the body’s self-healing mechanisms repair injury wear and tear. These mechanisms also include sophisticated immune functions to deal with microorganism threats and more, as well as detox functions to deal with toxic exposure. Unless these mechanisms are overloaded, health challenges cannot develop. Unfortunately, in today’s society, it is more common to overload these mechanisms than not.

This can be seen in the statistics; more than half the population in the Western world have one or more chronic illnesses, 1 of 3 develops cancer in their lifetime, and ailments are considered normal. When symptoms arise, the first thing that naturally comes to mind is to see the symptom as the problem, and therefore, desire to reduce it. The current medical paradigm offers solutions to meet that demand, not considering that symptoms arise as part of the body’s process of resolving the challenges. Wouldn’t it be much better to support the body’s amazing mechanisms rather than override them? Thanks to the latest advancements in technology, it is now possible to do just that; to effectively address the roots of the health challenges and support the body’s mechanisms directly.

Why Our Therapies?

Health Optimizing utilises the latest and most advanced therapeutic technologies from around the world, in order to address every relevant causative factor and dysfunction in the most effective way. After our Health Optimizing Assessments, we can tailor-make the ideal sequence of high-tech, non-invasive therapies to best help you achieve your health goals. The therapy plan involves:

Directly addressing the underlying causations and trigger factors responsible for whatever challenges have developed (utilising the ideal combination of high-tech therapies) to give the body’s self-healing mechanisms potential for resolving the challenges.

Creating further capacity for restitution through additional high-tech methodologies (in the clinic and/or at home) as well as personalised high-impact lifestyle tweaks.

Specifically stimulating the relevant self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms with the medically-approved Health Optimizing Homeostasis technology.

Many of our technologies are proprietary to Health Optimizing, and although some of our individual technologies can be found in other clinics, it is only Health Optimizing clinics that have the full combination. The real potential lies in combining the technologies to achieve results that are not possible with any standalone device. Furthermore, we have vast experience in developing protocols utilising the technologies in a sequence that gives the potential for results superior to the sum of the individual parts. Our protocols are not fixed based on a diagnosis you may have been given conventionally; behind each diagnosis is a combination of causative factors that must be specifically addressed to stand a chance of overcoming the challenge. Health Optimizing clinics headhunt highly-qualified and brilliant therapists, all of whom receive specialist training via the Health Optimizing Academy. When the best specialists are equipped with the best tools and tested methodologies, there is a foundation for extraordinary results.

There are multiple underlying causations and trigger factors behind almost every health challenge. Some causative factors are so primary that the challenge cannot be resolved without addressing those factors, and we do everything in our power to resolve them. In order to achieve the best and quickest results possible, we also address secondary factors and indirect aggravating factors when it makes sense to do so. We always aim to recommend the most effective methodologies for each factor that requires attention. Sometimes that involves referring to other clinics for certain procedures, though most factors are more easily resolved with our combination of high-tech methodologies than with conventional or alternative therapies.

After addressing the roots of the health challenges, we stimulate the self-regulating and self-healing mechanisms to restore homeostasis. These intrinsic mechanisms would have automatically dealt with the challenges when they first arose had there been capacity for it and the causations not been too overwhelming. But once the challenges exceed the capacity for dealing with them, the body’s response is to adapt to the imbalanced situation as the new norm. The intrinsic mechanisms stop trying to resolve the challenges and they soon become chronic. It’s then usually no longer enough to only address the roots of the challenges, though the roots must be reduced before stimulating the body to get out of adaptation and once again try to resolve the issues. Following a tailored sequence of high-tech pre-therapies, our Health Optimizing Homeostasis technology can specifically and effectively stimulate the body’s self-regulating and self-healing mechanisms.

Below is an overview of the therapeutic technologies featured in all Health Optimizing clinics, followed by an overview of the additional technologies available in Regional Health Optimizing clinics and Health Optimizing Royal Retreat clinics.

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