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Health Optimizing


Health Optimizing Bergen


About Our Clinic

Imagine a life without chronic pain. Picture yourself with an abundance of energy. How would your life change if you woke up every morning feeling fantastic, hopping out of bed with a spring in your step?

Health Optimizing Bergen is the mother clinic of the global high-tech clinic franchise, Health Optimizing. Our aim is to not only support you in resolving health challenges but in maintaining and optimizing your health so that you can thrive in your life. Becoming healthier is not a one-stop destination, it's a continuous journey, and we're here to support you every step of the way!

Get to know our skilled team, peruse our resources, and check out our latest offers below. We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic soon!

Our Clinic Team

Thomas Aksnes

Founder & Head of Innovation

Evie Toft

Team Leader & Senior Therapist

Linda Wohlleben


Malin Lilletvedt Gjeraker

Accounting & Administration

Tone Kleiveland

Receptionist & Sales Manager

News from our clinic


Rieber-Mohns veg 2, 5230 Paradis, Norway

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What Clients Say

The team of Health Optimizing specialists showed a high level of professionalism. I had treatments at Health Optimizing and the results are already great. They helped to start a recovery process of a very damaged organ. I can responsibly say that they do miracles.


This is a very professional clinic that I highly recommend! It helped my family tremendously!


Thank you very much, I think I finally found the place which will help me. Amazing people who are always taking care of you. Thank you again and wish you all the best in the future.



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Unike jobbmuligheter for holistiske leger, osteopater, sykepleiere og terapeuter

Den internasjonale Health Optimizing klinikkgruppen er ledende innenfor det fremvoksende feltet teknologibasert medisin. Vi vokser og tilbyr unike muligheter for leger, osteopater, sykepleiere og terapeuter som ønsker å gå utover begrensningene i konvensjonell medisin i et komplementært helsekonsept.

Vi søker deg som har:

  • Interesse for effektive «ikke-invasive» tilnærminger for å gjenopprette god helse 
  • Evne til å se sammenhenger mellom flere faktorer og arbeide med en altomfattende tilnærming
  • Generell erfaring med datamaskiner og interessert i teknologiske fremskritt
  • Vennlig og god til å kommunisere med klienter, både forklare ting og motivere til å gjøre livsstils forbedringer når det er nødvendig
  • Lidenskap for å løse folks helseutfordringer, også de som ikke kan løses med allopatisk eller alternativ medisin
  • Positiv og optimistisk livsinnstilling
  • Gode engelsk- og skandinaviske språkkunnskaper, både skriftlig og muntlig.

Vi kan tilby:

Mulighet til å lære et innovativt og verdensledende konsept og jobbe i en av de norske Health Optimizing klinikkene i Bergen og Oslo. Bli en del av det banebrytende teamet som bruker de mest avanserte teknologiene fra hele verden og lære en altomfattende metodikk for å gjenopprette og optimalisere helse. Det kan også være muligheter for å jobbe i andre Health Optimizing klinikker rundt om i verden.

Slik søker du og får mer informasjon: www.healthoptimizing.com

Hvis du vil utforske denne muligheten, kan du sende oss et søknadsbrev med litt informasjon om deg selv, inkludert en CV, så snart som mulig, men senest innen 15. august 2023.


Roger Hovland, CEO


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Vennlig og god til å kommunisere med klienter

Generell erfaring med datamaskiner

Interessert i teknologiske fremskritt

Positiv og optimistisk livsinnstilling

Gode engelsk- og skandinaviske språkkunnskaper

Interesse for effektive «ikke-invasive» tilnærminger for å gjenopprette god helse 

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Unique job opportunities for Holistic Doctors, Osteopaths, Nurses, and Therapists

The global Health Optimizing clinic group is a pioneer in the emerging field of technology-based medicine. We are expanding and offer unique opportunities for Medical Doctors, Osteopaths, Nurses, and Therapists with an interest for innovation, surpassing the limitations of conventional medicine in our complementary concept. 

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has an interest in effective, non-invasive approaches that can restore health completely 
  • Has the ability to see the connections between multiple factors and work with an all-encompassing approach
  • Has general experience with computers and an interest in technological advancements
  • Is friendly and good at communicating with clients, both explaining things and motivating them to pursue lifestyle improvements when necessary
  • Is passionate about solving people’s health challenges, even those that cannot be solved with allopathic or alternative medicine
  • Has a positive and optimistic attitude towards life
  • Has good English and Scandinavian language skills, both written and spoken. 

What we offer:

An opportunity to learn and work within the Norwegian Health Optimizing clinics in Bergen and Oslo. Become a part of the pioneering team utilising the most advanced technologies from all over the world and learning an all-encompassing methodology to restore and optimize health. There may also be further opportunities to work in other Health Optimizing clinics internationally.

How to apply and learn more information:

If you would like to explore this exciting opportunity, please send an application letter with some information about yourself, including a resume, to our CEO, Roger Hovland. Email roger@healthoptimizing.com as soon as possible for consideration. Applications close on the 5th of August 2023. 

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Passionate about non-invasive health approaches that can restore health.

Join a collaborative team of dedicated practitioners.

Engage with local and international clients.

Support clients in their assessment & therapeutic processes.

Good English & Scandinavian language skills, written and verbal.

Positive and optimistic outlook on life.

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